Winning Grand Champion Girl at the Opera House is every little girl’s physie dream – in fact, for many just getting to the Opera House is their dream.  And when a girl becomes “Grand”, she becomes BJP’s ambassador for the year – representing the pinnacle of perfection in sport and art.  And so, when the champions appear at the stage door at the conclusion of the Opera House competition, their physie fans are waiting for them.

It’s always a night of glamour, from the competitors pre-comp outfits to the leotards, hair and makeup and let’s not forget the audience.

It’s a very special night – the culmination not just of a year’s work but for some of their lifetime of trying to perfect their physie.  It’s a night where the girls show how truly amazing they are, not just physically as elite athletes but also as they express their love of dance and show their talent of performing their art on stage.