“As a long-time physie girl and teacher I know how enriching BjP Physie is to our lives. I grew up watching my Mum turning ‘ordinary’ into ‘extraordinary’ – teaching not only valuable Physie lessons, but a few invaluable life lessons along the way too. As a physie girl, I’ve participated in amazing workshops, national finals and historic BjP performances too numerous to count. And I’ve even had a few personal highlights that surpassed my wildest dreams. Now as a Teacher, I get to experience that rush of joy and excitement for each of my girls, every time they achieve those milestones (big AND small) that are so important in their physie lives. You would think Physie life doesn’t really get much better does it?

It does! The biggest, most emotional moment of my Physie life came on the weekend, when my little 6 year came off the stage after winning her first ever competition medal. She threw her arms around me and whispered, ‘They called my number out Mummy’ then she looked me solemnly in the eyes as her smile grew bigger and bigger. I realised MY little girl had just reached her first self-made milestone and the moment was extraordinary. That’s what Physie is all about. Dreaming big, setting goals, reaching for the stars. Our little people really are learning these lessons. As a Physie mum, I couldn’t have been prouder. (And I can feel the wise Physie mums of old nodding their heads at me, the beginner!) I love my physie and I love teaching but nothing beats being a physie mum. And we both can’t wait to do it all again. To physie girls everywhere – Here’s to ‘calling out your number’ this year.”  Belinda