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Looking for Christmas gift ideas?!

Check out the Physie Shop where you can purchase an e-gift card and will receive an email containing a unique code which can be used during any future purchase. You will not receive a physical card and can opt to have the Gift Card code sent to you via text or

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Tip of the Week

Butterfly Sit Start at long sit Bend knees so that soles of feet are touching – leave hands at long sit Tighten abdominal muscles Pull shoulders back – keep back flat Lower knees as much as possible keeping souls of the feet together Ensure body is lifting and shoulders are over

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Power to the Playlist

Did you know that listening to music as you prepare can be useful in helping you to perform to the best of your ability? As you prepare for the upcoming performances, think about how you need to feel to perform at your best. What calms you down, what pumps you up

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Tip Of The Week

This week our tips are all about marching. Why do we do it? What’s important? How do you do it properly and make it look good? Read on… Marching is important when you are learning Physie because it teaches you lots of things: turnout, foot control, body control, good posture, co-ordination,

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