Little Alexis is only 5 years old but was born to dance!  She’s been dancing at home to video clips since she was two, copying the steps and making up her own as well.

Just 4 months ago, Alexis started physie and has never looked back!  At her first competition recently, she won first place and, with true sportsmanship, wanted to share the moment with her physie friends. 

Her teacher says she is a natural but as yet is oblivious to her own talent – “She’s just having fun and that’s great!”

Alexis is half Philippino and half Italian and her dad, John, is very proud. He says “Alexis has been so focussed and committed and she has a strong passion for music and dancing at a very young age.”

We wish her a long and happy physie career…  with lots of music, dancing, friends and fun!