Q: How old is Tillie?

A: 3

Q: How long has she been doing physie?

A: She started when she was 2.  She calls it ‘bysie’ and she calls her leotard a ‘weotard’.

Q: How often does she do physie?

A: She does 3 classes a week but it’s her choice.  She does the preschoolers class and two 5-6 year classes. You could say she’s slightly obsessed but in a good way!

Q: What makes you say she’s obsessed?

A: She sleeps in her leotard and she plays the physie music all day.  She asks every day if it’s physie day and when we have to leave class she cries.

Q: Does she like her teacher?

A: Yes, she makes me video her doing physie on my phone and then she makes me send it to her teacher.

Q: What does the teacher think?

A: She says it always puts a smile on her face and that to see the joy on Tillie’s face every lesson. She says that’s priceless and it’s one of the reasons why she loves teaching so much.