Q:  What’s your involvement with BJP Physie?

A: My daughter Kendall is in the 7 years.

Q: How long has she been doing physie?

A: This is her second year.

Q: And how’s it going?

A: She just competed at the zone on Saturday and it was a wonderful, wonderful day! She and her best friend Ivy made the final and are off to Repechage together.  Although neither of them placed, I can honestly say it was the proudest day of Kendalls’ life!

Q: What’s the best aspect of physie in your opinion?

A: It’s the incredible positive impact it has on my daughter.

Q: And what do you think is responsible for that?

A:  Without doubt it’s Kendall’s teacher, Miss Alex (who just sat through a whole weekend of competitions at 36 weeks pregnant).  She’s an asset to the organisation.  In fact, all the teachers at our club are creating amazing, confident girls and it’s just fantastic!