How long have you been doing physie?
I have been doing physie since 2008, so 10 years now.

What’s your favourite routine? Why?
My favourite routine has always been the dance. I feel like it’s the one routine I can put all of my personality into and really have fun with it.

Where do you do physie?
I do physie with the Armidale physie club.

If you could only pick one thing, what’s the best thing about physie? Why?
Oh gosh there’s so many. If I had to pick one thing it would be the challenge. The challenge of learning the routines and pushing myself to improve every week. And the challenge physically. Each year having to acquire a new skill set and grow stronger and more flexible.

Do you have a personal goal for physie?
My goal for physie each year is to put in 100% all year round, never leaving a class or competition feeling like I could have done more.

How did you get interested in photography?
I started photographing the colours in the sky and reflections in the water at sunrise and sunset. I was amazed at how a photo could capture the colours and how I could manipulate the image with angles and editing. And I’ve loved photography ever since.

What do you look for when you take a photo?
Depending on what I’m photographing I look for different things. But I generally look for the colours and the lines in the shot.

Tell us about your photo shoot for the BJP Facebook competition.
I asked Charlotte if she would like to come on a photo shoot with me around Armidale. We looked for the beautiful old buildings around the town and university, as well as the huge old trees and anything else that showcased our unique country town. I dragged Charlotte all over Armidale for 4 hours, taking hundreds of photos, resulting in about 40 photos we were both really happy and proud of. I couldn’t thank her more for agreeing to do it with me.

What did you think when you saw that you had won first prize?
At first, I was completely shocked. I was shocked that my photo was even chosen for the top 18. But after I received a flood of messages from friends and family I began to feel really proud and excited.