My daughter Demi started Physie a year ago, at the age of 6, when I heard about physie and we went to check it out. We had been told that Demi couldn’t dance because she had some learning difficulties wasn’t able to gallop and skip but we found the physie club to be very inclusive and welcoming. So straight away I enrolled Demi. In the first lesson, she hid behind my back, not letting go of my hand. Eventually she joined in but was still very timid. But in no time at all she could gallop and skip and her confidence grew with each lesson. She will now happily stand in the front row, her head help up, just oozing confidence! Last year she was even brave enough to enter the competitions and, although she hasn’t yet placed, she always feels like a winner. I now have a totally different young lady in the 7 year old class so thank you BJP for beautiful body posture, co-ordination, happiness, joy, friendships and most of all the incredible confidence and independence. This is so SPECIAL and wonderful.


p.s. This year I have joined in the beginner ladies class myself and I love it! Thank you for the empowerment and confidence it gives me too.