We all know the saying “Practice Makes Perfect”, but it’s only true if you do it the right way!

It is very easy to fall into the trap of working on what comes easy and what we are already good at, but it is important that we work on the hard things too!

Look for moves and concepts that challenge you. With hard work and focus you will be able to rejoice in the everyday victories and the little achievements physie constantly brings as you continue to improve and strive for your personal best.

Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself, “What do I do well ? Which areas can I improve?” Evaluate yourself honestly; no one’s watching.

For each point that you noted that you can improve on, jot down a few lines about how you will work to improve in these area.

For example, I want to improve my positions in the exercises. Your notes might say, “Take a video of the exercises. Watch it back 3 times, pick 3 things to work on, then practice them.”

Remember: It won’t happen right away but with continued focus and persistence, your weaknesses might soon become your strengths!

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