Hall of Champions 2016

Winning at the national finals for your age group is one of the greatest achievements in Physie. Congratulations to all our Grand Champions of 2016.

Samantha Kinneard

6 Year Champion

Poppy Hulbert

7 Year Champion

Sienna Norman

8 Year Champion

Mia Dallinger

9 Year Champion

Emma Baldwin

10 Year Champion

Lara Gosby

11 Year Champion

Olivia Sedgman

12 Year Champion

Jayda Colson

13 Year Champion

Charlotte Sutton

14 Year Champion

Amy Stewart

15 Year Champion

Georgia Riley

15 Year Champion

Kristie Godfrey

1st Year Senior Champion

Brooke Losco

1st Year Senior Champion

Brooke Murphy

2nd Year Senior Champion

Rachael Vella

2nd Year Senior Champion

Olivia Pulvirenti

Novice Senior Champion

Kamya Jennings

Open Senior 19-20 Champion

Erin Shirtliff

Open Senior 21-22 Champion

Ashleigh Barry

Open Senior 25-27 Champion

Melissa Redpath

Open Senior 28+ Champion

Kristin Scott

23-24 & Overall Grand Champion

Carly Robinson

Elite Ladies Champion

Keirsten Sortwell

Novice Ladies Champion

Kristy Wynter

Intermediate Ladies Champion

Nicole Bailey

U33 Champion & Grand

Kirsty Schofield

Open O33 Ladies Champion

Natalie Patterson

Open O40 Ladies Champion

Cathy Bradley

Open O50 Ladies Champion

Kim Ward

 Open O60 Ladies Champion