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PERFORMING ART GALLERY These amazing photographs are the brainchild of professional photographer and passionate Physie girl, Heidi Boardman. Inspired by the artistic beauty, striking aesthetic and physical grace of the movement...

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Grand Champions 2013Grand Champions 2013 Winning at the national finals for your age group is one of the greatest achievements in Physie. Congratulations to all our Grand Champions of 2013. 6 years Ava, Mermaid Beach 7 years Shaylee,...

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Empowering Girls For LifeEmpowering Girls For Life Physie is a fusion of dance and sport that empowers girls for life. Watch Brooke’s story...

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The True Spirit of PhysieThe True Spirit of Physie These two gorgeous 5 year old physie girls are from two clubs that have always competed against each other – Manning Valley and Taree Great Lakes. The girls met last year and, despite joining different...

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Join the Conversation...Join the Conversation... BJP Physie Chat Facebook group had it's 2000th member join last night. So get on board as they say and "Join The Conversation" at our Facebook group.

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Proud Physie Mums

Posted by Candice on 31-Aug-2013

Courtesy of Lyndal Irons 1This weekend we are featuring proud mums.  A physie mum is proud of you no matter what the outcome, for just doing your best, for having the confidence to perform your physie in front of a big audience, for giving it a go!

Your mum is with you every step you take on the floor, holding her breath and waiting for the moment she can give you a hug and tell you “you were great!”

Courtesy of Lyndal Irons 5

Whether it’s tears or beaming smiles, a physie mum feels what you feel and she is there for you – knowing that your confidence is building with every performance and hoping that, whatever the result, you will have enjoyed yourself. So be proud of yourself… ’cause Mum is!

Courtesy of Lyndal Irons 2

Click on ‘read the full post’ for more photos and see tomorrow’s blog for more proud physie mums.

New BJP Manifesto T-Shirts and Nationals Singlets!

Posted by Jackie on 30-Aug-2013


We’re excited to launch our new “Be Physie Proud” Manifesto T-shirts and “I Made It To Nationals 2013″ Lyrca Singlets. We hope you like them!

T-Shirts come in pink or black with the Manifesto printed on the front and are $25 plus postage. T-shirts can be ordered through your club and are available to anyone in the physie community. Sizes for all kids and adults. 100% combed cotton. Order by 1/10 for delivery end Oct or order by 15/11 for delivery mid-December. See your teacher!


Singlets come in black lycra, printed in metallic (glittery) pink on the front with the manifesto on the back, and are $27.50.   Singlets can be ordered direct from Cooper Teamwear, once you have qualified for Nationals. (You will receive an order form with your prize at junior zone or with

Alexis is a Natural!

Posted by Maxine on 29-Aug-2013

Little Alexis is only 5 years old but was born to dance!  She’s been dancing at home to video clips since she was two, copying the steps and making up her own as well.

Just 4 months ago, Alexis started physie and has never looked back!  At her first competition recently, she won first place and, with true sportsmanship, wanted to share the moment with her physie friends. 

Her teacher says she is a natural but as yet is oblivious to her own talent – “She’s just having fun and that’s great!”

Alexis is half Philippino and half Italian and her dad, John, is very proud. He says “Alexis has been so focussed and committed and she has a strong passion for music and dancing at a very young age.”

We wish her a long and happy physie career…  with lots of music, dancing, friends and fun!


Posted by Jackie on 28-Aug-2013

Some crazy shots this week… even underwater! Darcie (pictured left) has been competing in the Scottish Dancing Junior World Championships in Patrick but still found time to practice physie…  while others have been getting practice in on holidays and even on the way to an interclub! Click on ‘read the full post’ for some more fun shots…

That was then. This is now!

Posted by Robyn on 27-Aug-2013

At a recent Penrith Interclub competition three physie friends found themselves together again after quite a few years.  Back in 1989, Kylie, Simone and Kristy represented clubs from the Central Coast at Homebush as 15 year olds.  They’ve kept in touch ever since and, when they discovered they were all competing at the same interclub, re-created the original photo they

Quote of the Week

Posted by Jackie on 26-Aug-2013

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” Dale Carnegie