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PERFORMING ART GALLERY These amazing photographs are the brainchild of professional photographer and passionate Physie girl, Heidi Boardman. Inspired by the artistic beauty, striking aesthetic and physical grace of the movement...

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Grand Champions 2013Grand Champions 2013 Winning at the national finals for your age group is one of the greatest achievements in Physie. Congratulations to all our Grand Champions of 2013. 6 years Ava, Mermaid Beach 7 years Shaylee,...

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Empowering Girls For LifeEmpowering Girls For Life Physie is a fusion of dance and sport that empowers girls for life. Watch Brooke’s story...

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The True Spirit of PhysieThe True Spirit of Physie These two gorgeous 5 year old physie girls are from two clubs that have always competed against each other – Manning Valley and Taree Great Lakes. The girls met last year and, despite joining different...

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Join the Conversation...Join the Conversation... BJP Physie Chat Facebook group had it's 2000th member join last night. So get on board as they say and "Join The Conversation" at our Facebook group.

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Cutest physie video ever…!

Posted by Robyn on 09-Sep-2013

“One of the things that I love about physie is the friendships I have made over the years. Over the past couple of years my daughters Anna and Sophie have become friends with a girl named Lara from a club in another zone. They first met at an Interclub two years ago and their friendship has grown at other interclubs and at Junior Nationals last year. Last Saturday, Lara came to Anna and Sophie’s zone comp to cheer them on. Sadly, Anna and Sophie can’t do the same for Lara this weekend, so they made this video for her instead. (The rice crackers is an in joke between the girls!)  All three of them love their physie and to see them enjoy the friendship and sportsmanship aspect of our sport from such a young age is just fantastic!” Sarah-Jane, Pennant Hills

Thank You Physie Dads!

Posted by Maxine on 07-Sep-2013

Dads 1This blog is a “Thank You” to all physie dads everywhere (you know who you are) who support their physie families and clubs.

So… from physie girls everywhere and their teachers:



- for being MC at the physie disco
- for making our club trophy stand
- for being so patient at the comps…
- for running the sausage sizzle
- for setting up the jumping castle
- for selling raffle tickets
- for fixing the teachers ipod dock
- for telling me I look beautiful
- for running our fundraiser
- for coming to watch my lessons
- for videoing the Easter Show performance
- for setting out all the chairs at the comps
- for packing away all the chairs at the comps
- for putting up the decorations at the christmas party
- for having a go at doing my hair even when it’s not your ‘thing’
- for bringing back bows for our team from overseas
- for staying all day at the interclub when my section was first and mum’s was last!
- for teaching me that what matters is that I just do my best
- for supporting me and our daughters.

I Love My Physie Teacher

Posted by Jackie on 06-Sep-2013

Chantelle and student SophieHere’s a message from little 6 year old Sophie Edmonds: she would like to say how much she loves her “Second Physie Mum” Miss Channy!  According to Sophie’s mum, the two things about physie Sophie loves most are making new friends and running off the floor with excitement to show Miss Channy her badge!!

Physie teachers play an important role in their students lives – one of stability, caring, encouragement and empowerment.  Being a positive role model is a key part of being a physie teacher – teaching girls how to work towards goals, how to win and lose and how to be good sports.  And it’s not just the older teachers but all of our young up and coming teachers too.
Phoebe and the 5-8 year class

At a club in Qld they have older physie girls who are “Physie Fairy Helpers”, assisting in classes with the 5-6 year class.  The lady at the desk overhead a comment recently from a little girl who had just had a trial lesson.  She says “I heard the sweetest thing sitting outside physie last night – a new little girl ran out to her mum and said “that big girl in there, the one with the wings on, she talked to me and she even knew my name!”  I think this sums up just how important first impressions are but also what a huge influence our young teachers have.  I just love how older girls can be such powerful and positive role models to girls so young.”


No end to proud physie mums…

Posted by Candice on 05-Sep-2013

This photo says it all – when Ashley’s daughter competed recently at an interclub, Ashley’s pride was matched only by her daughter’s joy.
Ashley is proud of her daughter

New BJP Uniform Launches

Posted by Maxine on 04-Sep-2013

In with the new... Newcastle Zone Associates show off the new uniformOut with the old

What can we say? They simply look stunning.  We’re proud to reintroduce the original Bjelke-Petersen company colours of cherry red and black, keeping a strong link with our 120 year heritage, with a 21st century design for our teachers that’s practical and stylish.

Still Spreading the Word…

Posted by Jackie on 03-Sep-2013

Display dancersThe publicity ‘machine’ is still alive and well as clubs are still spreading the word about how fantastic physie is!  Brisbane North club recently performed for the public, Bayside and Gosford City were feeding the masses at Bunnings and Everton Club has the right idea,