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PERFORMING ART GALLERY These amazing photographs are the brainchild of professional photographer and passionate Physie girl, Heidi Boardman. Inspired by the artistic beauty, striking aesthetic and physical grace of the movement...

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Grand Champions 2013Grand Champions 2013 Winning at the national finals for your age group is one of the greatest achievements in Physie. Congratulations to all our Grand Champions of 2013. 6 years Ava, Mermaid Beach 7 years Shaylee,...

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Empowering Girls For LifeEmpowering Girls For Life Physie is a fusion of dance and sport that empowers girls for life. Watch Brooke’s story...

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The True Spirit of PhysieThe True Spirit of Physie These two gorgeous 5 year old physie girls are from two clubs that have always competed against each other – Manning Valley and Taree Great Lakes. The girls met last year and, despite joining different...

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Join the Conversation...Join the Conversation... BJP Physie Chat Facebook group had it's 2000th member join last night. So get on board as they say and "Join The Conversation" at our Facebook group.

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What happens when…

Posted by admin on 31-Jul-2013

Your physie students pinch your ipad while you’re not looking and decide to photograph themselves for you!  What happens? This happens…
and it looks like a lot of fun…

Focus on Queensland – 2

Posted by Maxine on 30-Jul-2013

Here’s the second article from the series on BJP Physie in Qld.

Quote of the Week

Posted by Jackie on 29-Jul-2013

“Physie experiencing retro revival”

Posted by Robyn on 29-Jul-2013

An article in the weekend’s Body + Soul magazine says “Physie is back and it’s not just for kids!” And we agree! With numbers growing everywhere, especially in the ladies classes, it seems that people are rediscovering physie and how how you can have so much fun in class that you don’t even notice you’re excersising.

Click on the link below to read about it …



Focus on Queensland

Posted by Maxine on 28-Jul-2013

BJP Physie has had some great press recently in Qld.  Here is the first of 4 articles that have been published recently in Brisbane (the other 3 will be posted over the next week).

Loud proud physie girls

Posted by Candice on 27-Jul-2013

And the plysie shots keep rolling in…