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1 Year Anniversary Special

To celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of the BJP 125 Spectacular, you can receive 25% off your favourite prints.    Use the code 1YEAR to take up the 25% off from 22nd June until the 30th June.    Please go to and password celebrate2017 to access the sale.    Sale starts 12.01am 22/6/18 to 11.59pm […]

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Loosen Up!

In yoga they call it “downward dog” but in Physie we call it the “Inverted V”.  Whatever you call it, it’s an amazing stretch that will, if done correctly, stretch your calves, hamstrings, Achilles tendons and shoulders, as well as increase upper body strength. Take the weight on your hands (shoulder width apart) and the […]

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Tip Of The Week.

Prop on Elbows This position is often overlooked and is wrongly used as a time to relax the body or slouch into the floor. It is important the body is lifted! It is important to tighten your core in this move. Place elbows on floor with fingers pointing forward toward the body – fingers together […]

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