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Commonwealth Games Performance Opportunity.

The audition registration process for the Commonwealth Games Ceremonies opens TODAY and close on September 3rd. It is an open auditions at this stage, but BJP girls can apply through that process. Seniors or ladies of all ages and levels with good movement ability wanting to apply should go through the mass process. There are […]

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Photography by Lyndal Irons The interclubs have begun! (where did that year go?) For many, the start of the comp season is a familiar excitement.  For others, it’s a whole new experience and can feel a little daunting. As a spectator you have a responsibility to ensure that the performer is given every opportunity to […]

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Tip of the week.

Head to knees Sit at long sit Lift up out of hips Grasp ankles with thumbs on top and fingers underneath Curve body forward pulling top of head (or forehead) towards knees/shins Bend elbows if necessary and tuck forearms in onto side of legs Keep knees locked and feet pointed This stretch should be felt […]

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